So, hello fellas! Are you surprised what you have just opened and right now you are thinking whether I’ve really done this, I can’t believe it as well. I have my own blog. After so many years of persuading myself to create (again!) my own blog, I just said myself, you never know if you never try and that’s why now you are here. We live only once and I know that I would really regret if I do not try to do this. Trust me, this is not my new year’s resolution, this is my life dream. For those of you who don’t know me, briefly, my name is Alzbeta Androvicova and I’m 20 years old. Coming from Slovakia, always with a positive vibe, with a passion for travelling, fashion, weightlifting, hiking, partying and always in a mood for good food and cup of coffee. I’ve been studying at bilingual school in Slovakia, but still I want to apologise ahead if you find some grammatical mistakes, no one is perfect, neither I am. The reason why I’ve decided to start this journey, is simply because I want to share my world with you guys. I want to show you my interest in fashion, maybe give you an inspiration what to do in the gym or what to cook, even though I may not be a pro. I want to take you with me on my voyages and travel with you around the world. I know the beginning is always tuff and I will try my best to go hard with this baby and too keep you updated. I want to talk to you about my opinions and maybe also give you some advices about anything you would like to know. Sometimes I might be funny, sometimes I might be serious, sometimes I might be sad. I truly believe we will understand each other and you will not get bored with me. Fasten your seat belt because this journey is going to begin.

This is me. 90% smiling & 10% overthinking every situation. 

One thought on “Hello!

  1. Dear AA I’m so damn proud of you! When we’ve been discussing your blog dream during the summer I knew you’re gonna make it all real, but tbh I didn’t rly think you’d be so fast omg! Hope your blog will get successful ASAP and you’ll live a part of your dream.
    Sincerely yours
    – Lucas


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